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You will learn in this lesson: Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.

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Unlike English Arabic adjectives follow the noun they modify, which is somehow easier, because when you start with the noun first you will easily modify the adjective that comes afterwards accordingly either to its masculine, feminine, dual or plural form.


A small house: baitun sagheer بيت صغير (literally house small).

Just like Spanish & German , Arabic has masculine and feminine adjective forms, we learned in a previous lesson how to form the feminine from masculine in nouns, same steps will be taken to form feminine adjectives too.

Lets go over the rule of forming feminine from masculine form, which includes feminine adjectives with some:


In Arabic to form a feminine adjective from the masculine, you simply add taa marbuta which looks like ((ة, ــة to the end of the adjective for example:


Arabic Adjectives

Big: Kabeer كبير (masculine) Big: kabeera كبيرة (feminine)

Small: Sagheer صغير (masculine) Small: sagheera صغيرة (feminine)

Beautiful: Jameel جميل (masculine) Beautiful: jameela جميلة(feminine)


Note that adding the taa marbuta ة, ــة is not always the case to form the feminine of a masculine adjective. There are some exceptions to this:

Colors and most adjectives starting with a أ for example take in most cases a different form, which is represented in this model word (?a??aa), the steps to model our feminine irregular adjective is: extract the consonants from the masculine adjective and place them respectively in the place of the question marks, here are some examples:

Blue azraq أزرق (masculine) zrq (raw consonants) (?a??aa) raw model zarqaa زرقاء (after replacing the ??? with the consonants)

Dumb abkam أبكم (masculine) bkm (raw consonants) (?a??aa) raw model bakmaa بكماء (after replacing the ??? with the consonants)


Dual Adjectives in Arabic:


To form a dual masculine adjective in Arabic we simply add aan ان to the end of the adjective, note that you can do that even with adjectives starting with a أ ,

Big kabeer كبير (masculine singular) Big kabeeraan كبيران (masculine dual)

Blue azraq أزرق (masculine singular) Blue azraqaan أزرقان (masculine dual)

To form a dual feminine adjective add ataan تان to the masculine adjective:

Big kabeer كبير (masculine singular) Big kabeerataan كبيرتان (feminine dual)

For adjectives starting with a أ the dual feminine will take the ?a??awataan form, by replacing the question marks with our consonants:

Blue azraq أزرق (masculine singular) Blue zarqawaan زرقاوان (feminine dual) (after replacing the ? of ?a??awataan with azraq consonants)


Plural adjective in Arabic:


The way to form a plural adjective is the same way you form a plural noun, we already discussed that in a separate page (forming the plural)

Just remember that the adjective follows the noun, and not the opposite like in English.


Good: jayyed جيد

Bad: sayye سيء


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Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.


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