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  1. How do you say "what's your name?" in Arabic?

  2. mahowa al ism? ماهو الاسم؟
    mada ismi? ماذا إسمي؟
    ma ismuk? ما إسمك؟
    Ismuka ma? إسمك ما؟
    al ism mada? الإسم ماذا؟

  3. How do you say "can you help me?" in Arabic?

  4. Usa'iduka momken? أساعدك ممكن؟
    Ana usaidok? أنا أساعدك؟
    Momken an usa'edak? ممكن أن أساعدك؟
    Hal beemkanek mosa’adati? هل بإمكانك مساعدتي؟
    Hal beemkani mosa’adatuk? هل بإمكاني مساعدتك؟

  5. How do you say "Thank you"?

  6. Marhaban bek مرحبا بك
    Shokran شكرا
    Ahlan أهلا
    'Afwan عفوا
    Shakir شاكر

  7. What does " كيف حالك؟ " mean in English?

  8. What do you want?
    How is the weather?
    How are you?
    What do you have?
    Where are you from?

  9. How do you say " ماإسمك؟ " in English?

  10. What's your name?
    What is your profession?
    Do you speak Arabic?
    Will you help me?
    Where are you?

  11. How do you say " كم هو عمرك؟ " in English?

  12. How old are you?
    How is your health?
    What's his age?
    Do you know it?
    How many do you have?

  13. Qamar قمر means "moon", how would you say "the moon" in Arabic? (definite article)

  14. hal qamar هل قمر
    aqamar أقمر
    mal qamar مالقمر
    alqamar القمر
    qamar قمر

  15. Shams شمس means "sun", how would you say "a sun"? (indefinite article)

  16. hal shams هل شمس
    alshams الّشمس
    shams شمس
    ashams الشمس
    mal shams مالشمس

  17. How would you write number "5" in Arabic?

  18. Khamees خميس
    Khomus خمس
    Khamesa خامسة
    Khamseen خمسين
    Khamsa خمسة

  19. What does "wahed wa-’ishrun/ واحد وعشرون" mean in English?

  20. 12

  21. "kitabi كتابي" means my book, how would you write "our book"?

  22. kitabuk كتابك
    kitabuna كتابنا
    nahnu kitaab نحن كتاب
    kitabuha كتابها
    kitab كتاب

  23. "Sadeeq صديق" means "male friend", could you find the equivalent of "female friend" ?

  24. Asdeqaa أصدقاء
    Sadeequn صديقٌ
    Sadeeqaan صديقان
    Sadeeqa صديقة
    Sadaqa صداقة

  25. "qitar" means train, how would you say "trains" in Arabic?

  26. qitaraan قطاران
    qitaraat قطارات
    qitari قطاري
    qitars قطارز
    qitarati قطاراتي

  27. "I speak" in Arabic is "Atakallamu أتكلم", how would you write "you speak" addressed to a male in Arabic?

  28. Yatakallamu يتكلم
    Tatakallameena تتكلمين
    Tatakallamu تتكلم
    Takalama تكلمَ
    Takalum تكلُم

  29. "We wrote" in Arabic is "katabnaa كتبنا", how would you write "we went" in Arabic? "

  30. dahaba ذهب
    nadhabu نذهب
    dahabou ذهبوا
    dahab ذهب
    dahabnaa ذهبنا

  31. "taweel طويل " is an adjective which means "long" for the masculine singular, what is its feminine singular form?

  32. taweelan طويلا
    taweeleen طويلين
    taweela طويلة
    taweelaat طويلات
    none of the above

  33. Mohamed is taller than Sami, how would you write that in Arabic? Note that "tall" = "taweel" = "طويل"

  34. Mohamed taweel men Sami محمد طويل من سامي
    Mohamed atwal men Sami محمد أطول من سامي
    Mohamed tool Sami محمد طول سامي
    Mohamed taawela Sami محمد طاولة سامي
    Sami taweel men Mohamed سامي طويل من محمد

  35. I live in front of the school = Askunu ... al madrasa = أسكن ... المدرسة, a preposition is missing, find it!

  36. qabla قبل
    ba'da بعد
    jaaneb جانب
    amama أمام
    huna هنا

  37. Find the equivalent of "where are you?"

  38. anta huna? أنت هنا؟
    aina ant? أين أنت؟
    huna ant? هنا أنت؟
    ainaha? اينها؟
    man ant? من أنت؟

  39. How would you ask this question "do you speak Arabic?"

  40. taf'al tatakallam al Arabia? تفعل تتكلم العربية؟
    taf'al anta takallam al Arabia? تفعل أنت تتكلم العربية؟
    hal yatakallam al Arabia? هل يتكلم العربية؟
    hada tatakallam al Arabia? هذا تتكلم العربية؟
    hal tatakallam al Arabia? هل تتكلم العربية؟

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