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You will learn in this lesson: Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.


Whether youíre learning Arabic for a trip or for a major career change, there are several key phrases that youíll want to learn first. Print out the following list and study these words and phrases as a ďcrash courseĒ to the Arabic language.


As with most languages, there are a number of basic Arabic phrases that can help you make your way in an Arabic-speaking country. If youíre considering a trip to one of these regions, youíll want to study phrases that pertain to lodging, ordering a meal, directions, and asking for help. Some of the most important Arabic phrases to learn are:

Greetings and Goodbyes

Hi or Hello: Salam
Good Morning: Sabah el kheer
Good Bye: Salama
Good Night: Tosbeho khair (when speaking to a male)
Tosbeheena khair (when speaking to female)

General Conversation

How are you? Kaifa Haloki (female)
Kaifa Haloka (male)
Thank you: Shokran or Mushkoor
Youíre welcome: Aafwaan
Can you help me? Hal Beemkanek mosa dati?
Iím sorry: Fwan (for not understanding something)
Iím sorry: Aasef (for making a mistake)
How much is this? Kam howa thamanoh?
I donít understand: La afham
Do you speak English? Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah?
What is your name? Aysh ismuk
I donít know: Ma adhri
Peace be upon you: Assalaam Alaikum
And peace be upon you: Wa Alaikum assalaam
I donít speak Arabic: Ana la atakellem al arabi
I speak English: Atakullum inglieezi
Yes: Naam
Yeah/Ok: Aywa
No: La
Please: Min fudluk


Straight: Sida
Left: Yasar
Right: Yameen


This is only a small sampling of the Arabic words you may need to know if you plan to travel in an Arabic-speaking country. There are so many others that can be helpful, so you may want to consider learning as much as you can about the language before you travel. Learning Arabic isnít easy, and you wonít learn it overnight. However, there are many resources available to help you learn the language correctly. Youíll just need to dedicate a specific amount of time each day to learning new words and phrases. One of the best ways to learn is through an online course, since you can easily access a lesson and pick up where you left off. There are also many courses that offer online lessons, as well as CDs or tapes that you can listen to while driving. Several of these courses also have textbooks and flashcards to help you learn.


Another good way to learn Arabic is to immerse yourself in the Arabic culture. If you travel to an Arabic country, you can find museum, schools, concerts, classes, and much more to help you learn the language. Itís much easier to learn the language when you hear Arabic spoken in context to something else. If you combine a great Arabic tutorial with an immersion program, youíll learn the language quickly and correctly. However, be aware that there are slang phrases and words in any language. These can be difficult to pick up on if you donít learn these words specifically.


Learning Arabic can help you in many areas of your life. If youíre traveling, youíll be able to communicate with local people, ensuring a safe and pleasant trip. In addition, several companies hire individuals that are fluent in Arabic, because many counties that speak Arabic as their native language are quickly becoming important business centers throughout the world. Learning Arabic can open up a whole new career field for you Ė careers in finance, business, translation, and travel are always available to those who speak Arabic.




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Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.



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