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You will learn in this lesson: Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.


You’re probably already aware that foreign language skills boost your marketability when it comes to job opportunities. However, if you aren’t yet fluent in a second language, why not consider Arabic? As companies do an increasing amount of business in the Middle East, you’ll likely find that job applicants who list the Arabic language on their resume will have their pick of jobs!


If you’re thinking about learning Arabic in order to start a new career, you’ll soon find that the possibilities for job opportunities are endless. Many companies are now specifically recruiting individuals who speak a second language, and a growing number of companies doing business in the Middle East makes Arabic speakers especially in demand. Although you may not qualify for a job in one aspect, you may find a company that is more than willing to hire you, simply based on your Arabic speaking skills.


Many of the countries in which Arabic is the primary language are becoming giants in the world’s leading industries, which brings to the forefront the need to be able to communicate effectively with the businesses in these countries. Therefore, the job opportunities available for Arabic speakers cover a wide spectrum of business industries. The following are some of the top opportunities you’ll encounter:

  1. Interpreter – This, of course, is one of the biggest opportunities for an Arabic speaker. Interpreters are in great demand – especially for corporations that do business in Arabic-speaking countries. Imagine botching a multi-million dollar deal on a misunderstanding due to the language barrier and you’ll see why companies are so keen to hire good Arabic speaking translators. To qualify for these positions, you must be fluent in the Arabic language or one of its many regional dialects, and you may find that prior business experience is helpful in landing a job.

  2. Travel and Hospitality – All sorts of opportunities exist for Arabic speakers in the domestic travel industry. You can easily find work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airports, and many other businesses that are seeing an increase in Arabic customers. Of course, in addition to your language skills, you must also have a pleasant personality and be able to deal with upset or irate customers and travelers to qualify.

  3. Finance – The financial industry has a great need for people who speak Arabic, as some of the countries that speak Arabic as their native tongue are among the richest countries in the world. This ensures that the need for people who can speak Arabic effectively will continue to grow. If you already a background in finance, you may be able to quickly rise through the ranks of your organization by adding the Arabic language to your skill set.

  4. Government – Many governments today utilize Arabic speakers and translators when conducting negotiations and policy discussions with other countries. Once again, you must be able to speak the language fluently without any mistakes in your translations. These jobs can be very exciting, but you’ll find that they may require advanced security clearances and specialized training as well.


Beyond these four examples, you’ll find that there are job opportunities for Arabic speakers in almost every industry that you can imagine. The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is to practice your language skills every day, perfecting all the sounds and inflections found in the Arabic language.


When you feel confident in your language skills, you can start looking for the perfect job. Depending on your other relevant skills and experiences, you may that you get many offers for employment. Many of these jobs will come with exceptional salaries and great benefits, such as paid travel and health benefits. Dedicate yourself to the language and the time it takes to learn it well – you’ll find later on that it was worth every minute.




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Arabic adjectives, adjectives ending, Arabic adjectives list.



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