If you're interested in knowing how an English name or word looks like in Arabic translation then check out the links below, each link will take you to either names or words ...

For names in Arabic check first here: (Names in Arabic). Also Check (Phrases in Arabic) if you’re looking for common English Arabic expressions. You can also check words (adjectives, nouns, verbs…) from our Arabic vocabulary lists which can be found on the Main Menu.  . You can try also to write your name by yourself, check this page out it helps you write in Arabic calligraphy


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Frequently Asked Questions about displaying Arabic

Why isn’t the Arabic name displayed properly? Why do I see the Arabic word in codes?

Maybe your browser is not adjusted to display the Arabic script, to display it properly you need to go to the top of the page and click on “View” then click on “Encoding”, finally click on “Arabic (windows)”.


Name - Word Translation in Arabic

Note that when it comes to names or words translation you will notice that Arabic is missing some sounds/ letters that you might take for granted in English, such as the sound "g" as in "good", so another letter would replace it such as "k ك " or "gh غ " depending on which one is close to the original sound. On the other hand there is a "g" in Arabic which is a sound that can be found in words like "gym" "gesture" "George" "Georgia" ... because that "g" sounds like "j".

V doesn't exist in Arabic; we usually replace it by "f", but still can be read as "v" if the person knows what you're talking about or recognizes the word as a foreign word. For example if your name is David, even if I write it as Dafidديفيد  in Arabic, the reader could still pronounce it as David because the person is familiar with this name and knows how it’s pronounced originally. Just like an English person who reads Psychology as Sicology, even if there is a "p" sound there and an “h” after c.

By the way, P doesn't exist in Arabic either. So we usually replace it by "b", and just like the letter "v", a person could recognize the word and pronounce it as "p" even if it's written with "b", for example even if I write "Bakistan" in Arabic, the reader will still say "Pakistan", because that’s how you hear it pronounced regardless of how it’s written.

One more thing you should know about Arabic is that we write names the way they sound phonetically, for example the following words are all written the same in Arabic. Couscous - Koskos - Kouskous- Kouskouce - coskos as كسكس  because they all sound the same, that could be a problem sometimes, for example if your name is Craig it will look just like Greg, also if your name is Danielle (female name) it may simply look like Daniel (male name).

Finally you need to know that Arabic tends to use less or no vowels, usually the burden is on the reader who should be familiar with the word without the need of vowels, for more information please check the vowels lesson from the main menu.

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