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1. Make sure the place is clean, and make Niyyah (Intention) that you are making Wudu' for Salaat and begin by saying. "Bismillah" (In the name of Allah). Wash both hands up to the wrist three times, making sure that water has reached between the fingers.

2. Put a handful of† water into your mouth and rinse it thoroughly three times.

3. Clean your nose by sniffing water into it and extract the water you just sniffed (be careful not to sniff the water all the way), repeat the step 3 times.

4. Wash your face three times from right ear to left ear and from forehead to throat.

5. Wash your right arm and then your left arm thoroughly, this time up to elbow three times.

6. Move the wet fingers and palms (touching gently) over your head from the top of forehead all the way to the back of the head, and back (back of the head to the forehead). Only one time and not three.

7. Pass the wet tips of your index fingers into the grooves and holes of both ears and also pass the wet thumbs behind the ears (three times).

8. Finally, wash both feet to the ankles (preferably to the knees) starting with the right foot, making sure that water has reached between the toes and back of the feet.

Itís preferable to say after leaving the bathroom "Ash-hadu an la ilaha  illal lahu wa ash-hadu anna Muammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluh."

If you are looking for a more extensive Arabic course, we recommend Breaking The Arabic Code


The following actions can annul oneís wudu - ablution, therefore the steps above should be done each time one of the following happens: Defecation, passing gas or urination, emission of semen, sleep, passing blood, loss of senses. (passing out), touching a sexual organ.

If you are looking for a more extensive Arabic course, we recommend Breaking The Arabic Code



How to Make Prayer


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